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As Bangkok’s biggest red light district in terms of pay for play options, the areas surroundingNana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) is hard to compete against.

NEP is where the heart of the districts activity is centered around, buzzing with many popular go go bars such as Rainbows 4 and Angel Witch.

Thai hookers are up and down parts of Sukhumvit Soi 4. Russian prostitutes are right across the road on Soi 3. African street walkers are on Sukhumvit 7/1, muscling out what was once a Thai hooker stronghold.

There are a lot of small beer bars and popular pubs all over the area and especially along Sukhumvit Soi 4 to pick up ladies, particularly right inside Nana Plaza’s courtyard beer garden.

Ladyboy freelancers are all over Nana district too. Though it’s a safer bet to bar fine one from a ladyboy go go bar inside NEP for safety reasons. There are ladyboys working around Sukhumvit road and on Soi 4 with the intent of robbing and cheating.

So there are many places to pick up prostitutes but bar fining a bar girl from NEP is the path that most tourists seem to follow. Because bar girls inside go go bars are wearing bikinis so guys can have a better idea on how the ladies look in the nude. And some bars do have girls dancing topless

Rainbow 4 for example has 2 dance stages and the stage on the left is the one where ladies dance topless. So when you go there ask for a seat by the left stage for a much better viewing pleasure.

All bar girls have a numbered badge pinned either on their bikini or g-string. So when you find a lady you like just tell the waitress the number and they’ll pull the lady off the stage to sit with you. When she does the rule is to buy her a lady drinks for her time.

Go Go Bar Girl Pricing:  To take a girl out of a bar you have to pay a 500 or 600 Baht bar fine first to the bar or club the girl works for in Nana Entertainment Plaza. The rate that you pay for play is totally separate and depends on Short Time or Long Time.

There are quite a few other factors that will affect the asking price from bar girls. For example the way you look, your age and your ethnicity are some examples of those factors. Below are general rates for pay for play.

Short Time (1 hour but negotiable) will cost you between 1500 Baht to 2500 Baht. In some instance if the girl knows she is attractive and quite popular she may stay firm on a 2500 Baht or more asking price. You’ll also have to pay for a short time room which costs 300 Baht to rent for the hour. There are 2 short time rooms for rent. 1 hour is the norm but you can ask for 2 hours instead. It doesn’t hurt.

Make sure you buy your own condoms. The one’s available at the short time hotels cost more and are industrial strength which means it won’t be comfortable. Two short time hotels are on the 3rd floor. Both charge the same rates. To save on having to rent a short time room you should stay in a hotel near Nana Plaza instead. It’s much more practical. And cleaner too.

Long Time (Overnight) obviously cost more because you’re taking them out of the bar the entire night. Otherwise they can earn more doing multiple short times with different customers. The asking rates range from 2500 Baht up to 5000 Baht for long time. Again there are factors that will affect the price quoted, such as how much money she’s made already for the night as well as how she’s feeling. After all bar girls want a break as well since most work 6 days straight every week.

Here’s a tip, you can wait until the 2am closing time and ask the bar girl to stay with you for long time to save on the 500 Baht bar fine. Usually you take the bar girl back to your hotel for long time stay. Technically a bar girl cannot make side deals inside of her work place. So keep your secret deal  just between the two of you.

You should make sure the hotel you’re staying in won’t have an issue with you inviting a Thai hooker to your room. Because there are hotels that will charge a joiner fee if you invite non registered hotel guests.

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