Tiffany Show – Cabaret Tiffany Show in Pattaya, Thailand

Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

Tiffany Cabaret Show in Pattaya is the original transvestite cabaret show in Thailand. Tiffany Show was voted no.4 in the TOP TEN BEST SHOWS to see around the world. The Top 10 Show Around the World in 2001 Awarded by TravelCom Magazine: 1) Moulin Rough (Paris, France), 2) Siegfried & Roy (Las Vegas, USA), 3) Mysters ( Las Vegas, USA), 4) TIFFANY’S SHOW (Pattaya, Thailand), 5) Phuket Fantasy ( Phuket, Thailand).

One of the best nightlife in Pattaya, TIFFANY SHOW is also the First ever truly transvestite cabaret show in South East Asia. With over 28 years of stage experiences. From its inception, Tiffany show Pattaya has grown into a World class spectacular show visited by audiences from all corners of the world. The incredible, talents of the transvestite, transgender community, all drawn from the provinces of Thailand are showcased in a show full of exotic spectacular scenes, the latest technical lighting and sound playing 3 shows nightly every night of the year. A must on your itinerary!

If you come and visit Pattaya, you should never miss to watch “The Tiffany Show”. Entertainment in Pattaya cabaret show with extravagantly, beautiful costumes, toe tapping choreography, special lighting and effects, music especially written for Tiffany’s Show, wonderfully detailed scenery and the boys and girls of the famed Tiffany’s cast go to make a magical, memorable night. The performer are all so beautiful, sexy, grace and flawless. Their make-up were very well done. Their gowns are so elegant, their costumes are well-made and so glamorous.

The Tiffany’s show theatre is the perfect stage show with a seating capacity of well over 1,000 and fully air conditioned. With all the latest in technical facilities, lighting, sound system and special stage effects. After walking to theater, you will meet full of people from different nationalities, from kids to the grannies.


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