Harmony World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok Thailand 2014

Harmony World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok Thailand 2014

Harmony World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok Thailand 2014

Theatre, Film, Video, Workshops, Seminars, Puppet Parades, Roundtable, Music, Dance & More

World Puppet Carnival with the Government of Thailand and Sema Thai Foundation invites you to attend the spectacular Harmony-World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok, Thailand from 1 to 10 November 2014. Over 100 productions from 80 countries all over the world have been selected to perform in exotic Bangkok. Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and home of the famous Thai Traditional Puppet Theatre.

You are invited to see shows, videos, and films for children, family or adults. Our program includes traditional, classic, new, innovative and experimental puppetry.. Groups, duos, and solo performers with big spectacles or small performances will share their talent with the all world in Bangkok. You can learn about other culture’s puppetry and the amazing Thai marionettes.

The Harmony World Puppet Carnival is a competition. Valuable prizes from $1.000, $3.000, $5.000, up to $10.000 for the Harmony Gran Prix Award will be awarded by an Intercontinental Jury. The Prize categories include Best Puppet Animation, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Scenery, Best Puppet Design, Best Film, Best Video, Best Children Performance, Best Original Performance, Best Traditional Performance, Best Artistic Creation and Best Performance.

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